Astro-X: The Origin Story

4 min readDec 4, 2023


A wiser person than me mentioned in the Astro-X chat, every token needs an origin story. Although that was a week or two ago, it’s lingered in the back of my mind and made me really debate internally; what is Astro-X’s origin story?

In order to answer that, we have to go back to the beginning. Before the idea of a utility, before the deployment of Astro, before the relaunch; it really all began in a WhatsApp chat and a Telegram channel with a few other Degens talking about what we could launch and how we were sick and tired of rugs and honeypots and Devs taking advantage of holders (especially the holders in this small chat). Inu tokens were making a comeback, the dog meta was lingering, we all were brainstorming for a meme that we could do something with. It’s a little fuzzy, so we’ll say we all typed “ASTRO” and hit the enter key in unison, thereby starting the journey that led to where we are now.

The difficult and most challenging aspects with launching anything comes down to who you can rely on and trust in this space to build, develop, and launch with you. We all knew we trusted each other with our PK, SSN’s, mother’s maiden name, etc., but how could we rely on a someone who had anonymity and would still be able to deliver and not just say thanks for the eth and goodbye. We ultimately never did find a solution to this fundamental question and ASTRO, the meme, was put on ice (after we made some telegram channels, hyped each other up, and then complained that we never actually followed through on our ideas).

Fast forward to the ASTRO development and launch, as I do not want to bore you with the complaints of ours over the ensuing months as we saw more ideas we had launch and do well. Day after day we told ourselves…it’ll be us next, we said…you know all the things you reassure yourself with when you’re too reserved to actually pull the trigger and go for it (The other guys in the group went on to launch much more impressive tokens).

I reached out to friend in the space that had launched tokens in the past and I had worked with and proposed the idea of ASTRO to him. Not only did he say yes, he lit a fire under us that made this small group of individuals actually stop talking about doing something and rather actually do something. We hastily cobbled together the TG, outsourced the site, and let it rip at 1/1 tax.

The start went well enough, I was running before I learned to walk or crawl on this side of the token management and launch side of the house. Wet behind the ears I did as much as I knew and thought would work. We kept it going, but quickly realized 1/1 taxes were not going to cut it with the utility and features that had been envisioned and sought after with this project. We were able to get a beta version of the bot up and running, but low and behold, our original bot developer and associate vanished into thin air. That, coupled with the expensive API and development fees put us in a predicament. Ultimately, the decision was made after community approval, we’d relaunch.

Two weeks later, after countless hours going back and forth with the most frustrating web hosts and countless other issues, we relaunched under the auspice of ASTROX and taxes at 5/5, airdropped previous holder that submitted tokens, and kicked off the wild ride that has led us here to right now; hours before the biggest and most advanced update to the bot will go live (will do our best not to time rug you all).

That brings us to where we are now. On the precipice of a Telegram bot that offers utility and features that have yet to be seen in this space. That’s not me being boastful or bragging, that is merely me stating cold hard facts. We were the first mover with the original ASTRO bot and we will continue to be first movers in the Twitter analytics space with ASTROX, and that is a guarantee.

So, to answer the question of ASTROX’s origin story, the answer is simple. Its humble origin come from Degens, by Degens, and for Degens. We just want something that is accessible to all and helps as many people as possible succeed in this space.

Thank you from the bottom of my Degen soul to those that were in the WhatsApp chat, those in the Telegram groups that put up with me, the holders and community of ASTROX, and everyone that has believed in this project even when I was feeling down and sad for myself. You all motivate me to do the best I can at this and for that I am grateful.

Now let’s fucking send this!




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